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CBD works in perfect synchrony with the endocannabinoid system of humans and animals.
Therefore, all of our products are suitable for all pets.
A personalized dosage will help your pet get the best effect.

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Make sure your pet stays happy! With our all-natural Full Spectrum CBD products, you and your furry loved-one can continue sharing joyful moments. Who said growing old has to be hard?

CBD & Pets

Weedley CBD products can help a wide range of conditions such as pain, stress and anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis and skin problems. CBD promotes homeostasis, works as an anti-inflammatory, and more. Weedley CBD products are not psychoactive.

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Our Full Spectrum CBD products are derived from European grown hemp (cannabis sativa), a legally produced substance. All our extracts are made from pure, raw, whole plant hemp material.


Let's Work Together

Here at Weedley we believe that you should never be alone in caring for your pet. That’s why we have assembled the perfect platform to help you, with superior customer service and a professional Follow-Up Program designed by our Weedley vet.

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The Plant

The Plant

The hemp plant, also called cannabis, from which CBD is derived, belongs to one of the most developed plant families on earth.
Hemp has more uses than most other plants, providing clothes, food, oil, energy and so much more. Our Weedley CBD products will not cause the feeling commonly known as being “high” in your pet.

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Or, IL
To our great surprise we saw an amazing behavioral change

We adopted Luca at the age of 3 months, since then she always been frightened, when there are thunderstorms she gets into a panic attack. We tried several medications, some of them alternative, but in all those cases we didn’t
see any improvement or change in her behavior.
Finally, at the recommendation of a relative, we decided to try our luck with the CBD oil, to our great surprise we observed an unusual behavioral change, Luca was calmer, more relaxed, her tremors were gone and even her hair loss got significantly reduced.

Or, IL
Debi, US
After a few days the scratching had not returned

B. is a 14 year old Tennessee walking horse bred in north-western US and raised in Israel. She suffers from chronic seasonal (spring/summer) itching that appears allergy related. We have tried many treatments to prevent scratching and to heal the resulting sores including topical creams (organic and non-organic), aromatherapy, acupuncture, special feeds and herbal supplements, all have faild.
We stopped the steroid injections and started giving B. the Weedley drops in early February. After a few days the scratching had not returned. We continued with the drops and noticed growth where she had scratched away hair on her face, ears and neck.

Debi, US

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