Why Cannabis-Based Products Are Here To Stay​

From the title, you can already assume what this article is going to be about. And it’s true; we’re not kidding around. This is definitely where the health world is heading. Most importantly, this is not a craze or fad....

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The CO2 extraction process

Weedley products are all-natural, so we make sure to keep in sync with nature’s own lifecycle Our products originate in the ground, when we first plant carefully selected seeds from which the ideal plants grow, and all, of course, subject...

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Getting Rid of Your Pet’s Travel Anxiety During the Holidays!

Summer is the perfect time to break normal work routine, leave your worries behind, throw the family inside the car, and enjoy much needed time off. But, we all know that one family member who is not so fond of...

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Is your dog epileptic? Here’s what you can do

It's no secret that seeing your dog having a seizure is a rather scary and emotional experience. You see him suffering so badly, you can almost feel his pain. Your feeling of helplessness during those moments is probably the worst...

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He cannot tell you he is in pain, how can you tell if your dog is suffering?

Imagine that your dog is suffering constantly, and you don’t even know about it. Pretty scary, huh? For a start, do not blame yourself--recognizing that something isn't right with your dog is not always an easy task. Not many people...

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New study using pain monitoring Collars is on the go

The Future is Here: Be part of a New Study Examining the Effects of CBD on Arthritis Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD) is the most common form of arthritis in dogs, affecting up to quarter of...

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5 easy tips to sense depression in your furry friend

It's 8 am and you have to go to work. You stare at your sleeping dog and say to yourself in a moment of cruel honesty, "Wow, I wish I was this dog". Well, guess what? Your dog also has...

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Weedley Home Made Recpies

Sometimes, in order to break the routine and keep a healthy relationship, we have to surprise our loved ones. It could be a romantic dinner or a mouth-watering dessert, but basically it can be anything that will make them smile....

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Our Genetics

Hemp VarietiesIn order to assure the very best quality for our products, while maintaining our commitment to the environment, we use two main varieties of hemp. Using these two species, we are able to focus on the plant's characteristics almost...

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