Getting Rid of Your Pet’s Travel Anxiety During the Holidays!

Summer is the perfect time to break normal work routine, leave your worries behind, throw the family inside the car, and enjoy much needed time off. But, we all know that one family member who is not so fond of car rides, to say the least. We’re talking about the furry one! If your dog looks puzzled and stressed while the rest of the family is happy and excited, then that problem is related to something bigger than his/her home sickness. He/she is most likely very intimidated and nervous about the experience of the ride.

Shaking, whining, barking, excessive slobbering and even vomiting are just some of the symptoms that may indicate that your dog is suffering from travel anxiety. No, this doesn’t mean you have to cancel your trip and get a ticket to the movies instead. It just means that you need to keep an eye out for these tendencies in order to fix them. We are also here to help you help your pup overcome his travel anxiety.

"Cars are fun boy!"

Try to create a positive environment during car rides. Dogs that aren’t accustomed to riding in a car may suffer from distress due to the vibrations, smells, weird sounds or motions of a car trip. While these new experiences may be new and scary at first, it is important to show your dog that they do not have to worry or stress. You should make him associate car trips with a happy, thrilling experience so that he will no longer have travel troubles. Here are some good first steps and tips that will help your dog become accustomed to traveling or car trips:

  • Do not force him into a car, instead, try luring him with treats or rewards, without any pressure.

  • Practice getting him into the car voluntarily. Then, take a moment or two to get your pet situated and comfortable. Repeat this action a few times before your first drive.

  • Spend some quality time with him inside the car. Don’t start the engine yet and keep the doors/windows open. You don’t want him feeling like he’s trapped in a box!

  • Try to make the first trip(s) as short as you can. Start with driving to places that are dog friendly, such as the park or woods.

Dogs, like us, have different personalities, desires, and fears. This process can take time depending and your dog’s past, personality, and the degree to which he can handle new fears. Make sure to be consistent and patient, but most importantly, you must stay positive throughout the process. Hopefully, your dog will soon see rides as a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience. Before you know it, he will be sticking his head out of the window enjoying the cool breeze against his face.

Already hate it? It isn’t too late!

In some cases, the experience of car riding is already associated with fearful or unpleasant memories. Your dog may associate car ride to the time he was shoved into a car and taken to the vet after an injury he suffered two years ago. Maybe he will even remember the time when a stranger took him from his mother and put him up for adoption… There are countless examples of how one can develop negative feelings towards car rides, but the key is to show him that this doesn’t have to be the case.

-Make him feel safe

You can use dog anxiety vests to make your pup feel protected or even create a comfy space for him using a pet carrier or a dog booster. Another trick you’ll want to try is create a chill atmosphere by putting on classical music and opening the windows to let some fresh air inside. Sometimes, all a dog actually needs is the option to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

-Anti-anxiety medications

There are numerous over-the-counter medications designed to keep your pup relaxed during the trip. In severe cases, you can consult with your veterinary behaviorist and he can recommend your furry friend a treatment like this.

Anti-anxiety medications are one option to choose but, it is best to consider using natural, healthier, and less expensive options.

-Natural treatments Option: CBD

Since CBD induced products had been introduced to the market they are gaining popularity rapidly. If you haven’t heard about CBD yet, then brace yourself because it may change your pet’s life completely. 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the compounds of industrial hemp. Recent scientific studies suggest that CBD may help treat variety of conditions and many prominent symptoms associated with anxiety issues. Weedley’s CBD oil is safe, all-natural and has nearly NO side effects. The oil contains less than 0.2% THC. Therefore, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties and the consumer will not get “high” by using it.

Weedley’s CBD oil comes with a user-friendly dropper and is easily consumed in any kind of oral ingestion.

Nowadays, skip the risk of giving your pet unfamiliar chemicals or shady supplements. The best option to ease your pup’s anxiety during your summer travels is a few drops away.

Safe travels from the Weedley family

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