CBD for Cats

Cannabidiol As Potential Antitumor Treatment

Cannabinoids are currently used in cancer patients to ease the disease and to treat side effects such as wasting, emesis and pain. In recent years a significant advancement in the research of cancer treatment with cannabinoids came from the discovery...

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Cannabidiol Therapy In Epilepsy And Seizure

Epilepsy is a neurological syndrome characterized by recurrent seizures. In recent consensus, epilepsy is divided in two main categories: primary (idiopathic) where there is no structural brain lesion, and secondary where there is a distinguishable structural lesion. Idiopathic epilepsy is...

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CBD In Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety is an innate behavioral state associated with the anticipation of potential future threats. Anxiety‐like behaviors are important for survival. However, when anxiety behaviors become unbalanced, this eventually leads to anxiety‐related neuropsychiatric disorders and chronic stress. Several neurotransmitters are involved...

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